ICE-FRANCE vision and values

ICE-FRANCE privileges long term working relations with consultants, companies and clients. Through mutual interests, we seek to develop sound expertise and partnership, in order to provide the best approach and solution to our projects and clients.

Working in the field of development co-operation, we believe that ICE-FRANCE has the responsibility to contribute to the sustainable development through the projects we carry out. It is our commitments to:

  • Treat all our stakeholders with respects, dignity and integrity
  • Proceed to a systematic and direct control of our projects staying in permanent contact with the stakeholders involved
  • Provide professional and efficient project management tailored to assure the flexibility according to the projects needs
  • Provide top expertise committed to the success of the projects
  • Assure a good working environment for our employees.


ICE is a company independent of any government, clients, donors, and beneficiaries in the political, economic, ideological or confessional sphere. ICE quality procedures are certified by ISO 9001 and ICE also ensures total transparency of its missions. It also advocates an ethical approach of the contracts that it manages, based on the plurality of actors, their inclusion and empowerment, the local approach of problems and solutions in the framework of its ethics code in the conduct of business.

We support our partners in building innovative and sustainable solutions, as a result of collaborative work around common values. Our strategies are developed by our top consultants working in an integrated, tailored and coordinated approach. Through each project, ICE seeks to promote activities oriented towards results and to develop human capital in accordance with its code of conduct of social and environmental responsibility .